My name is Antonio Maurice.

Defi/Web3 Product & Community Manager


Impacting Defi Protocols

I offer talent & experience for different roles with DeFi protocols..


I provide high security standards for partners and talents joining our ecosystem, measures like partners Contract Audit and KYC for talents must be met before approval to the ecosystem.


Talents get a 3 day preparation period to study on a protocol, Know the key areas and address them. This is a process by which we pick the best Talent for that given position.


Partners who have launched their Protocol get an LP Boost or Community Event every 31 day period. For Partner Protocols yet to launch, their LP Boost Rewards get locked in our DAO wallets till they are launched.

My mission is to create a solid foundation for Defi partnership, create more work opportunities and foster Project expansion.

What I offer

Marketing Manager

Organize and manage product marketing generate demands and create leads

Develope & Design

Create and manage web flow, fix bugs, enhance performance and capacity.

Product Management

Boost user interface functionality, enhance layouts and speed for better user interface

Community Rep

Create engaging videos, text and graphics, answer support questions, generate content, General community building & management.

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